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Benefits of Taking the ServSafe Food Manager Certification Examination

Learn why you need your Food Manager Certificate in Minnesota, Chicago, Michigan & Wisconsin. Plus, how to take your Food Safety Manager class & examination online with ServSafe.

Restaurant owners know all too well how important it is to keep their kitchen up to code. That means not only addressing the quality of their equipment and facility but also the professionalism of their waiters, cooks, and food managers.

As a food service manager, that includes you too. Holding your Food Manager Certification means you are trained, certified, and trusted to guide a restaurant's daily operations. From ordering kitchen supplies to inspecting food prep areas, a kitchen manager does a little bit of everything behind the scenes.

For states that require Food Manager licensing, such as Minnesota, Chicago, Michigan & Wisconsin, the very first step before you begin managing any restaurant kitchen is to get certified by taking an online exam.

Why You Need Your Food Manager Certificate

You might be wondering why you need a kitchen manager license in the first place. Well, Minnesota, Chicago, Michigan & Wisconsin require restaurants to have at least one certified food safety manager on staff at all times. This individual is there to ensure proper food prep and customer safety. Per their certification, they have been trained in food handling principles and can spot potential issues that may go unnoticed.

Benefits of the ServSafe Kitchen Manager Exam

Having to get a license is not a bad thing, nor a headache. In fact, going through the certification process has several benefits when you complete your exam through an accredited organization, such as National Food Safety Training Institute's Food Manager program and ServSafe Food Manager Examination.

For example, ServSafe gives you everything you need to complete your license in one cohesive space. Upon registration you will receive a and digital copy of the food manager book and the hard cop is mailed out the day you register, we make the process for instructor-led and online as easy as possible, which saves you the headache of scrambling to pool your resources.

Additionally, taking a Food Manager exam allows you to assess your personal knowledge and skills. You get to put your wisdom to the test and reveal what you truly know about food handling and the like.

Arguably the most significant benefit of taking National Food Safety Training Institute's instructor-led or online Food Manager class and ServSafe's Food Manager examination is that it allows you to satisfy state regulations.


No matter your role in the food industry, understanding basic safety precautions and handling practices when it comes to the kitchen is incredibly important. The National Food Safety Training Institute's Food Manager Program is one of the leading food safety training providers combined with The ServSafe Food Manager examination, particularly will ensure you can manage your kitchen with success and ease.

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